Health & Wellness Expo

Health & Wellness Expo

You and your health are important to us. Join us for our Health & Wellness Expo on January 7 from 11-4pm. It is our goal at Lions & Rabbits to bring the community together and showcase ALL of the amazing and local wellness options that are available. We want people to learn more about how to live a healthy lifestyle and connect with the experts and businesses that they are most interested in.

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September 2017, Revue Magazine

September 2017, Revue Magazine

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First Connect, Then Collect: How Grand Rapids is trying to correct its art collector problem

First Connect, Then Collect: How Grand Rapids is trying to correct its art collector problem

For Linda LaFontsee, co-owner of LaFontsee Galleries, the value in art worth collecting distills down to a very personal moment. 

“When you first look at a piece of art, your gut reaction is something you should hold onto, because it’s not going to go away,” she said. “If that feeling is something that you want to experience again and again, it will only grow deeper the longer you have that art in your life.”

Sparking that personal connection is critical to the success of local artists, as well as the vibrancy of an entire community. But artists cannot achieve success without the support of other key players. 

Creative Many, a statewide nonprofit, publishes reports every year to affirm the role arts and cultural sectors play in building healthy economies. In its 2016 Creative State Michigan Creative Industries Report, the organization describes the important function of galleries in Michigan’s economy: “Dealers represent an important component of the arts ecosystem, assisting artists, both emerging and established, to build audiences and access the market.”

Best of the West 2017

From our hearts to yours, this is a big thank you to everyone who voted 🦁&🐰 NUMBER ONE Alternative Art Gallery AND NUMBER THREE Art Gallery in Revue West Michigan's Best of the West! Not to mention our own Hannah Berry, splitting NUMBER ONE Visual Artist with Jeff Kraus!

Thank you Grand Rapids! Stop by on August 19 and splash some paint around with us!

Visual Artist

1. Hannah Berry ( and Jeff Kraus ( 
2. Erica Lang, Nick Nortier, Reb Roberts
3. Jim Foltice, Sarah Jean Anderson

Alternative Art Gallery

1. Lions & Rabbits, 1264 Plainfield Ave. NE, Grand Rapids
2. GreenLion Studios
3. Mexicains Sans Frontieres

Art Gallery

1. Richard App Gallery, 910 Cherry St. SE, Grand Rapids
2. LaFontsee Galleries
3. Lions & Rabbits

Art Museum

1. Grand Rapids Art Museum, 101 Monroe Center St. NW, Grand Rapids
2. Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts
3. Muskegon Museum of Art

Live Theater Group

1. Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, 30 N. Division Ave., Grand Rapids
2. Dog Story Theater
3. Circle Theatre


1. Heather Dixon Photography,
2. Devin Hendrick Photography
3. Katy Batdorff Photography


1. Joel Potrykus
2. Daniel Falicki
3. Carbon Stories, Gabby Hulst, Gorilla

Tattoo Artist

1. Tony Putt — Love Tattoo,
2. Gareth Hawkins — Sovereign Arms
3. Matt Nelson — Lightning Revival

Best of Creston 2017

Bringing together the Best of Creston neighbors and businesses to show the rest of Grand Rapids what the northeast side has to offer. August 19.

The Best of Creston - Street Fair & Festival starts just north of Leonard Street, from Graydon’s Crossing, all along Plainfeld Avenue and up to Lafayette Street. All day, Creston will be brimming with events, activities, musical acts, and more, all provided and presented by proud neighborhood residents!

Celebrate Creston Brewery's one-year anniversary all day and into the night with music from CabildoLady Ace BoogieRick Chyme, and Peace to Mateo, not to mention dunk tank games to benefit charity and raffle prizes for participants of a scavenger hunt!

At Lions & Rabbits, join talented local artists and neighbors in a very special paint-by-number community mural project, where all of Grand Rapids are invited to help create a work of art for all the city to enjoy! L&R is gearing up for their first year as an ArtPrize venue and celebrating with chance to meet and greet the resident artists, do yoga with incredible instructors, and dance, all to a soundtrack curated all day by CRAFTY.

Graydon's Crossing has doubled down on reasons to be your first stop on August 19! Inside and out, enjoy a Moscow mule tent, a beer tent, with walking Indian nachos, a table with Catherine's Care Center, live music with The Jake and Jimmy Band, not to mention a bounce house and inflatable maze for kids!
Stop by the photo booth at Bradley Salon, and Glamour and Grit for kids to create their own flower crown! Clowns, face painting, and an artist market running up down Plainfield Avenue, all day!

Thanks to our title sponsor Stonesthrow at 1428 Plainfield Ave NE!

For more information, find the Best of Creston on Facebook and Instagram.

Children's Healing Center Partner of the Month

Meet Hannah! Hannah Berry is our April Program Partner of the Month! In honor of all of her hard work and dedication to the Center, we would like to share a little more about her! Hannah was introduced to the Children’s Healing Center in September of 2016, during a dinner with her in-laws. Amanda was an architect for her husband’s parents and being a family affected by cancer, Amanda and the Berry family bonded on a deeper level. During the dinner, Hannah and Amanda were discussing her desires to work with pediatric oncology through art and she claims, “The rest is history!”. 

When asked what her favorite way to express art is, Hannah said, “I really thrive with mixed media. Being able to work through my own ideas and pieces is therapeutic for me.” At the Center, Hannah assists Deb at running art lessons. Her goal id to become a licensed Art Therapist! 

Hannah’s response to being asked how she got into art/became an artist was, “I was born.” She has always excelled in visual arts and shared, “I was the kid who wasn’t in middle school band. Instead, I helped in the art room. There is something about color that I can’t break away from.”

With the help of friends and family, Hannah’s dreams are becoming true! In November 2016, she opened Lions & Rabbits. It is an art gallery and community retail space located in the Creston Hill neighborhood of Grand Rapids, MI. The space serves as a place where people can learn, create, and gather. They are always hosting events, lessons, and yoga! It is their mission to promote art awareness and community development. 

ArtPrize 2017 @ L&R

"Lions & Rabbits, a recently opened versatile space aimed at showcasing local artists while providing the community with opportunities for creative engagement. Billed as equal parts art gallery, retail shop, educational resource, and event center, Lions & Rabbits is striving to accomplish it all."

Name it Creston.

Name it Creston 03.png

One-hundred-eleven years ago, the North End had no name. It was the people who lived here that rallied together to forge their own identity, in the face of violence, neglect, and reputation, as a part of town “on the crest of a wave of permanent prosperity.” -- “Up-and-coming” is what we hear most often to describe our neighborhood, and maybe it's always been that way, but a place doesn't come up all on it's own. It's Us, our friends, and our neighbors. It is the people that live and work here who will be responsible for what these streets and structures become, like those from over a century ago who came up and lit the streetlights, opened schools, and built a bridge over the Grand River. These are, like so many others around us, our ideals. We will organize. We will boom locality. We will take action and we will work for the betterment of the North End in every way possible. We don't want to make ripples, we want to create waves. Because here in Creston, our home has a name.

Art Education Alumna Opens Versatile Space for Creativity

Art Education Alumna Opens Versatile Space for Creativity

The Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University (KCAD) alumna is the driving force behind the recently opened Lions & Rabbits, a versatile space aimed at showcasing local artists while providing the community with opportunities for creative engagement. Billed as equal parts art gallery, retail shop, educational resource, and event center, Lions & Rabbits is every bit as ambitious as its creator. 

Offering Space for Fun and Families

Offering Space for Fun and Families

If you love art, in its many different forms, you’re going to love this new space. It’s a new gallery in Grand Rapids, that’s very unique. It’s called Lions & Rabbits, and every day it’s a little different. One day you might see people taking an art or yoga class, but there’s also a place where you can buy art or hold an event. Lions & Rabbits is a space for everyone! There was a ton of fun in Maranda’s studio as it was overflowing with art and fun for kids. Classes that are fun for families include: Parent & Kid art, Private Lessons, Nursery Art Making, Family Yoga, Yoga for Kids, and Pregnancy Yoga. Check out the video above to see the exciting kids classes that are offered.

Play and shop the arts this December

Play and shop the arts this December

Ah, it’s that time of year again: the season for checking off gift lists and planning family outings. But before you schlep your way to the mall (or, let’s be honest: Amazon), take a look at what the local arts scene has in store. Shopping local art is not only a way to support your local arts community — it’s also a great way to fill your family’s stockings with something truly unique.

Likewise, if the movie theater is your family’s standard holiday “cultural” outing, there are endless ways to step up your game this year with memorable live performances and interactive experiences — experiences neither you nor your little ones are likely to forget anytime soon.

Take a look.

Creston gallery owner embraces creativity of all stripes

Creston gallery owner embraces creativity of all stripes

Hannah Grohman has two missions in her new business: To provide space for art to be created and sold and to educate creative types of all stripes.

Her gallery, retail and community space, Lions & Rabbits, 1264 Plainfield Ave. NE, had its grand opening Oct. 13 and has been actively open for business since Oct. 24.

Grand Rapids Get Down for Standing Rock

Grand Rapids Get Down for Standing Rock

Join us at 4 p.m with Molly Duff donating her time in leading an hour of yoga! Light snacks, non alcoholic refreshments and local beer will be complimentary! Some awesome sets of music will follow yoga along with a raffle to wrap up the evening. Donated art work, goods and services will be given away to the lucky winners!! $10 Admission is charged at the door: cash is preferred but cards will be accepted. All ages are welcome! Please have ID if you will be drinking alcohol-wristbands will be utilized. 100% of admission fees and raffle money will be donated to supplies and legal aid for those at Standing Rock who are protecting a precious and simple necessity-water. #NoDAPL

L&R in GR Magazine

L&R in GR Magazine

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