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Children's Healing Center Partner of the Month

Meet Hannah! Hannah Berry is our April Program Partner of the Month! In honor of all of her hard work and dedication to the Center, we would like to share a little more about her! Hannah was introduced to the Children’s Healing Center in September of 2016, during a dinner with her in-laws. Amanda was an architect for her husband’s parents and being a family affected by cancer, Amanda and the Berry family bonded on a deeper level. During the dinner, Hannah and Amanda were discussing her desires to work with pediatric oncology through art and she claims, “The rest is history!”. 

When asked what her favorite way to express art is, Hannah said, “I really thrive with mixed media. Being able to work through my own ideas and pieces is therapeutic for me.” At the Center, Hannah assists Deb at running art lessons. Her goal id to become a licensed Art Therapist! 

Hannah’s response to being asked how she got into art/became an artist was, “I was born.” She has always excelled in visual arts and shared, “I was the kid who wasn’t in middle school band. Instead, I helped in the art room. There is something about color that I can’t break away from.”

With the help of friends and family, Hannah’s dreams are becoming true! In November 2016, she opened Lions & Rabbits. It is an art gallery and community retail space located in the Creston Hill neighborhood of Grand Rapids, MI. The space serves as a place where people can learn, create, and gather. They are always hosting events, lessons, and yoga! It is their mission to promote art awareness and community development.