Benefit for Senior Sing Along

Help us continue to bring our music programs and therapy to senior communities all over West Michigan!

Have a drink, listen to live music, and take in art-covered walls at Lions and Rabbits . If you feel inspired you can create a piece of art that we will pass on to a senior in one of our senior communities we support in West Michigan.

You won’t want to miss David Molinari. A Grand Rapids native, David is a talented singer-songwriter. Maybe at some point you’ve heard him play at One Trick Pony while grabbing dinner? While he works on his own songwriting he spends some of his daytime hours entertaining seniors in communities we serve. He is a strong supporter of our cause and we love him for that!  
Check him out at:

$40 per person, wine/beer and delicious appetizers from Kangaroo Kitchen.

tickets available here