Gaia Cafe will be opening in the Creston neighborhood soon. We are celebrating their new arrival along with an Art Therapy program coming to Lions & Rabbits. Join us for a night of great food, lecture and workshop guiding you through the learning processes behind Art Therapy.Leara Glinzak, MSAT and Jess Kimmel, LLPC, MSAT are art therapists in Grand Rapids. Leara is an national speaker, published researcher, and owner of I Light LLC. Jess works as a mental health professional in the field of addiction. She is a guest contributor for the recovery resource Excursions Online Magazine.

Art therapy supports emotional growth through artmaking and verbal counseling. Leara and Jess will discuss how our community can benefit from art therapy services. The presentation will address: What does a typical art therapy session look like? Where are art therapy services provided? Who should take part in art therapy? The pair will lead a guided experience (called an "art therapy directive"). Participants will leave with a first hand understanding of the healing power of art.

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