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We are extending our birthday weekend all the way to Sunday- because why not?

9:30am - 10:30am
Start your morning off right with the Feral Yogi as she guides you through a yoga and focus flow designed to leave you feeling connected and refreshed for the day ahead! Since all birthdays are better with beverages, this L&R bday ticket includes a 60 min yoga session, essential oils application, a mimosa / cup of coffee and a pastry. Birthday game strong at $25!

Come get a danish, coffee and do one of the following;
1. Curl up with a book
2. Create something new
3. "Work" on your computer
4. Work on your computer
5. Shop our handmades
6. Look at the art around you
8. Do your homework, research
9. Talk to a friend
10. Meditate
Do you get it? We are hosting an open studio and we simply want you here. It's essentially free.

Bring your kids! Our friend, Christina, owner of My Lovely Muse and Special Needs Educator will be here showing you what Tuesday Exploratory Play Class is all about.