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Tickets Available Here

This workshop is for absolute beginners to build a basic understanding of their DSLR camera to capture the moments that matter most!

About this Event

We will be focusing on capturing life in motion. We will discuss techniques for photographing children, pets, and our own personal lifestyle.

Workshop facilitated by Emily Macdonald, owner of Elation Studio

What will be covered in this workshop?

- How to shoot in manual mode and the basics of exposure

- How to capture lifestyle photos of subjects that are moving quickly and often

What do I need to bring to this workshop?

- any DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera 

(most digital cameras that have interchangeable lenses are DSLR but feel free to reach out if you are unsure if your camera is a DSLR!) 

- something to write with and on

- charged camera battery 

- memory card 

Lunch ordered from Jimmy Johns and light refreshments are included in the ticket price. (coffee too!)