The fall is a busy time with big kids starting school, extra curriculars starting up, and holiday preparations on the horizon. With everything going on, you'll need some space and time to get stuff done and organize your schedule. Bring your little ones to our Exploratory Play Days so they can create masterpieces, explore their different senses, and play with others while you take a break to do what you need to do - without interruption. Christina Threloff will help facilitate your littles to create artwork using different mediums, explore sensations through a different sensory table each week, and provide opportunities for play with a variety of different exploratory stations.

This class is set up for little ones from crawling to elementary school age. Christina has experience as a camp counselor, daycare provider, and is a former special education teacher with a degree in elementary education. While her professional experience is focused on adults with autism, she has extensive personal and professional experience working with children of all ages and abilities.

Some activities we've done at past events: painted rocks, paper airplane flying contest, watercolor resist, painting with tempra paint sticks, coloring, and much more to come!
Other activities to enjoy during the event: wood block building, mega duplo blocks, sensory station with water beads, reading nook, musical instruments, and more!