Come one come all! 

Looking for a community to draw the figure with? Look no further, we'll be drawing for two hours every Wednesday night in the gallery of Lions & Rabbits! This won't be a formal class (hence the open life drawing name), but if you'd like some guidance and or pointers, that's what I'm here for. Bring any medium of your choosing and flex those drawing muscles. If you are new to this, please don't hesitate to give it a try!

I will pose our model in a series of short (30 sec - 2 mins ) gestures to keep it loose at the begining of every session. Following gestures, the model will get into longer poses (15- 20 mins) so that everyone can focus in.

Depending upon our model's comfort levels, the sessions may be nude or clothed (with a light robe or spandex).

Come unwind after a long day and draw! (tunes will be provided)

It's probably a good idea to bring a drawing board uncase we run out of surfaces.