Upgrade your wardrobe by cleaning out your closet. Join us for our first Glam Shop
and Swap. Relax, mingle, get pampered and swap clothes and accessories.
$15 = 1 Drink + 1 Token*
$10= Student Discount

Clean out your closet and find high-quality items to swap.
Bring the items to Lions and Rabbits and earn tokens to be used during the swap. Drop off dates and times will be listed on our Facebook event.

Use tokens to “buy” fabulous things. Mingle, have fun with refreshments and music and get your glam on.

Get a manicure. Get your hairs done. Try some inspiring henna. Or pick out some vintage
jewels with our onsite vendors. And, the gallery is brimming with one-of-a-kind art -perfect for gift giving (even if the gift is for you.)

Enjoy your swanky new wardrobe and help a local charity. 100% of unclaimed items benefit local groups. Feel that glow?

*Don’t have items to swap or just want to shop? No worries, you can buy tokens during the event. 

What are acceptable swap items?
We’ll accept all clean, new or gently used women’s clothing items, shoes in great
condition and lovely accessories. NO kids items, men’s clothing or hard-worn items will
be accepted.

How much credit do I get for my donated items?
We’re working with a local charity who will receive donated clothes at the end of the event. You can bring as much as you’d like to donate, but we have to limit the amount of tokens you get to play with at 10 tokens.
How much is a token worth? Can I buy additional tokens?
Items will be marked as 1, 2 or 3-token value depending on the brand name, condition and type. Tokens can be purchased for $3, so the most an item would cost is $9.

Will you have clothes in my size?
We’ll have a mix of sizes from petite to plus, but can’t guarantee that you’ll find the perfect item you’re searching for. If nothing fits, then consider using your token to buy a lovely holiday gift for someone else.

I don’t have items to swap, but I want to join the fun.
That’s no problem, your entry ticket gives you one token to “buy” an item from the racks. Additional tokens can be purchased for $3 if you find something you like.

Why swap? Why not just donate to charity?
Sharing your finds with others, trying new things on and getting feedback from a bunch of girlfriends is entertaining. Just throwing a bag of goodies into the Goodwill bin is satisfying, but not nearly as much fun.

Can I try things on?
Yes! In fact we encourage you to try things on and strut your stuff. There are several changing areas at the Gallery.

Can kids or men come to the event?
We’re trying to focus this event on adults that identify as female or want to dress as females. It helps keep the clothing mix easier to curate. And let’s have this be a kid-free night, k? You deserve it.

Which charity benefits from the Swap?
We’ll be donating to In the Image, The Grand Rapids Pride Center, and other
organizations depending on the nature of the item. Your items become part of a larger donation. Therefore, tax receipts are not available on an individual basis.

Have any questions we didn’t cover?
email hannah@lionsandrabbits.com for additional questions.