“Having empathy towards Mental Health Awareness is crucial. Statistically 42.5 million Americans suffer from a mental illness. Within our piece, each face represents a common complication. PTSD is represented by an "explosion" of thoughts in someone's head as the fight with what is real and what isn't. The simplicity within the Bipolar head signifies emptiness- the absence of controlled thoughts. Whereas, the pyramid represents slavery to an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Schizophrenia is expressed with three faces showing contrasting emotions through dark colors and background designs which separates false perception with reality. Initially, we were drawn to creating a dynamic backdrop for multiple mural designs. By using organic and geometric shapes, we have created a distinct representational design concept. The hard lines show non-intentional judgements that forever affect us throughout society. Concluding, the subtle pastel color palette integrated with the conflicting shapes suggest a unique complexity in each person’s brain. ArtWorks Teen Artists: Trinity Barnes, Parker Bennett, Mable Bowdle, Sarah Boersen, Maria Bravata, Ellie Briggs, Lauren Emelander, Faith Geemes, Savanna Hoebeke, Olivia Holt, Sylvia Maslin, Katherine Nikodemski, Zachary Reep, Savannah Scarowicz, Mitchell Tower, Dasia Vashon, Evan WWojtowicz, and Kara Yeomans. Teaching Artist: Hannah Berry, Morgan Adams, and James Broe.”

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